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Hi guys! Its been a while but I've just had photography issues. Hopefully once I travel, I shall have some new photos to share with you all for the blog. Today I just wanted to let you guys know that there’s tonnes of movies and shows to watch this upcoming winter which I hope some of you will watch with me. This is not a Christmas special or anything - this is for anyone looking to watch any new series (that's not so Christmassy) this upcoming Chirtsmas/Winter break. This is also to write down the shows that I’m mentally TRYING to keep tabs on!

Some of these (particularly movies) I have already seen before but I figured it would be great to watch again!
(If you have any suggestions of movies or shows, pleeeease let me know!).


1. Empire (Have to keep up with this one)
2. The 100 (Season 4 looks a lil boring but I’ve only watched 2 episodes)
3. Married to medicine (Seems very intriguing)
4. Love and hip hop (Hollywood)
5. Love and hip hop (Atlanta)
6. WAGS (LA)
7. WAGS (Miami)
8. EastEnders (A british soap)
9. Gossip girl (Downloading this one to watch when I travel)
10. Hit the floor (*face palm* watched every episode of the last season except the last one)
11. Orphan black (a MUST- I finished it. Can't remember if I was emotional or nah)
12. Pretty Little liars (smh- I finished it. Lets just say I'm happy it's over)
13. Ackley Bridge (If this is like Waterloo Road then I’m down for it- I might even watch Waterloo road again because I loved it but I watched only the last season. Veeery late)
14. Scandal (Can’t wait to see the hype)
15. Growing up hip hop (might give this a pass, not sure)
19. Star (didn’t get to finish)
20. Fashion Bloggers (hopefully that’s the correct name)
21. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills


1. The divergent series
2. Fast and furious (fun fact: never watched it until now. I watched number 1,2 and 5. The third wasn't up my street and I'm trying to finish the fourth one)
3. White chicks
4. Moana (I’m a child)
5. Suicide squad (Yes. I know.)
6. The Pianist
7. Odd one out (all about bullying, similar to 13 reasons why)
8. Wild child (don't know why I didn't see this)
9. Easy A
10. John Tucker must die
11. She’s all that
12. Legally blonde
13. Friends with benefits
14. Not easily broken
15. Good deeds
16. Soul food
17. College hill
18. Stuck on you
19. This means war
20. The devil wears Prada
21. Meet the brows
22. Bridemaids (I cant waaaaiiiiit)
23. 21 (and 22) Jump Street

Of course if there’s any more then I’ll just watch it off the bat but that’s most of what I could think of/wrote down.
Like I said, if there’s any movie/series suggestions you have, please comment and make a girl’s Winter x
Thanks for reading! Have a great day <3
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Models Own Review: Colour Chrome / Metallic Range Collection + Swatches

Hey guysss!! It feels like so long since I've sat down to write a post but I'm back! I'm still working on my organisation and learning how to fit in a-levels, have my blog, take care of me, chill with the fam, doing a part-job etc. But I feel like I haven't done a beauty post in a while so today I will be doing a quick review on the models own metallic range because you guys know I go hard for models own!

Now I love models own. Their shop, their page and the range of polishes they have is crazy. Plus if you go to their shop in Stratford, Westfield; you can definitely try out some polishes before you purchase which is great and avoids any surprises. So I’m rooting for models own on their polishes.

Now I’ve used all of the metallic polishes that I will be reviewing in this post. So I can conclude that they’re all roughly the same in texture, application and appearance (obviously omitting the colour). However you can check for this in the pictures down below.

General Observations:

One thing I like about the metallic range is the colour selection. There’s rose gold, silver, a nice pink that's named 'cerise', and various other colours which I personally didn’t have before so they’re definitely an addition and unique among my current nail polish collection. The packaging is ON POINT in terms of the bottles but understandably not many would be too fussed about that and that’s okay. After multiple applications of the polish, it looks decent and nice in photos. Another great thing is that they dry quickly. They don’t tend to take forever like some nail polishes would. So I've gots to give models own credit for all those things because essentially, that's what I look for in polishes.

Now… I’m a big fan of Models own, especially their ‘normal’ nail polishes. However I’m not feeling their colour chrome range. Personally, I believe that it’s because I had a very high expectation of what was going to be applied onto my nail bed, this was simply because of the way the bottles look like. What needs to be understood is that what you see on the exterior is not always what you're going to find on the interior. When I saw the bottles, I believed that the polish would have a glossy, mirror effect. Similar to the photo HERE. Overall, the way the bottle looks, that’s the way I thought the nail polish would be like once it was on my nail plate.
These polishes do not give you that effect. Which is not a negative thing for those that like the outcome. But in MY opinion, it’s not ideal for ME due to the expectations I had. But all the same, I did warm to the overall look in the end.

When you apply the polish once, you still have gaps/streaks because the polish is manufactured in a certain way to give a somewhat metallic effect which means one application ain’t gone do nothing boo. Therefore you have to go over it again, and again, and probably again before the whole nail is covered evenly and has no weird lines/streaks as if you haven’t shaken the bottle properly.
On a bad day the coating may not be entirely even. Probably due to my application, I previously experienced a few air bubbles which is not great :)

Another thing! I really don't recommend using nail tape with the polish for designs. If you want to do stripes and you put a base colour and then a metallic colour from this range on top, it will peel the whole thing off and ruin the nail design. I tried and I failed. Of course this is merely from my own experience but if you do decide to do nail art with these polishes - proceed with caution. ._.


1. Gold
2. Olive
3. Rose
4. Silver
5. Green
6. Pink
7. Mauve
8. Cerise
9. Indigo
10. Blue


No edit

Q & A:

How many coats would you normally apply?

3-4. I usually apply 2-3 for a standard nail polish.

What’s the overall look of the polish once done?

In all honesty it looks like a normal polish but just a bit shiny.

Does it chip easily/how long does it last?

This will vary depending if you used a topcoat or not or if you do a lot of activities which will cause it to chip such as sports/cleaning dishes. For me personally, some of my nails were fine, others chipped. This is most likely because I did my hair the next day which requires a lot of shampooing, moisturising and other things that could cause the chipping.

What designs can I do with this if I don’t want to use it for a normal coat of polish?

I'm not even gone lie – the only design I’ve tried using these polishes was the nail tape to create stripes and that flopped. Hopefully this can be used to create dots for a design using a dotting tool.

Overall impression:

I love models own. But they’re fairly pricey. So I would have thought this would be amazing and produced the same results as seen on Pinterest. Nope.
Now I don’t want to say it’s completely TERRIBLE because it’s not. The colours and drying time is great. But the desired effect is just not doing it for me. So with that said, I would give it a 2.5/5.

If any of you have tried it and have any other views, feel free to comment. Just be careful, I would suggest trying it out in the shop before purchasing to understand what you’re getting. This is just my honest opinion. Of course opinions do vary so you can check for other reviews if you’re uncertain or need a second opinion. With that being said, have a great week guys!
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My Biggest Insecurities | Height, Boobs, Skin & More!

Hey guys! I definitely wanted to do a sit down/chit chatty post about something that affects not only myself but I think every human that has walked this Earth in some way or another. Looking back, there's a lot of things that I used to be uncomfortable about which contributed me to having low self-esteem and caused me to compare myself to others.
I went through the phase of admiring women who were years older than me/in their early twenties. I went through this phase when I was 13/14, wasted time wishing and hoping that one day I would like them. Unrealistically, I was comparing myself to people who were almost a decade older than me which is crazy. And being the portray-all-things-great platform that Instagram is, there was no pictures of these women at my age. If there was any #throwbackthursday photo posted - it would be from when they were cute babies/toddlers. I automatically assumed at the time that they never went through an 'ugly duckling' stage and they were 'swans' all their lives.

So after much crying and hating myself - I let time do its thing and began to care less about my appearance. I was forced to because I was not someone who could buy whatever clothes she wanted (with what money?), I couldn't sign up for the gym, I was not allowed to wear make up (heck, wearing nail polish was an everyday battle) - overall, there's a lot of restrictions when it comes to altering your appearance as a young teenager. I had to accept what I looked like by force.

As always I am grateful. I invested time not into my appearance - but into my personality and mentality. Into my studies, reading and other various hobbies I stumbled across during that time.
Plus the older I got, the more my appearance changed. I outgrew insecurities and discovered many more. It is what it is. I would also like to hint that around 15, many people began to do the "Glo up challenge" which basically showed people what they looked like during puberty and after puberty. And it's safe to say that appearances DO get better.
So why worry eh? :)

My Insecurities At Age 11-13:

1. My skin
Now my skin has always been a big one. Before starting secondary school, I considered myself to have the worst skin out of all my friends. I had pimples/spots ALL over my forehead which eventually began to be pigmented as I picked at them. This left my skin looking dark and discoloured. My smooth, pre-puberty soft, golden skin was flipping GONE.
I was now left with mottled, splotchy skin. I want to do a separate post for my skin because I believe I have come such a long way, its definitely not perfect but it's defo better. Overall it was terrible but it's funny because nobody used to tease me/bully me for my skin but it was obviously not the best. This was by far the down fall of my self esteem but after accepting the fact that this was just gonna be a problem for a while (hormones, menstrual cycle and all that jazz) I just stopped dealing with it. 
Over the years my skin has had its ups and downs but I do feel this will shortly fizzle out as my skin is much better now compared to how it was when I was 11-13

2. My natural hair
I was teased for my natural hair in primary school. I didn't have the same straight, curly or chemically pressed locks that most of the girls in my school had. Now my hair was NOT slayed then but the fact that I was targeted because I had something different really annoys me till today because I am not the first nor the last girl that is to be teased for something that naturally grows out of her own scalp! It frustrates me when young girls/boys are teased for things they cannot control: weight, the fact they have acne, for flip sake - something so common, for wearing glasses, HAIR! It upset me at the time but with everything I try to do when people come at me negatively, I change the negative into a positive. At 12, I invested time (like a good year) into just learning, researching and experimenting with my natural hair. After years at being stuck at shoulder length, I have bra-strap/midback length hair. A post might come up so watch this space!

My Insecurities At Age 14-15:

1. My facial features
This was the phase where I would look in the mirror and just wanted to break the mirror. My phenotype was just not appealing to me. I didn't see the beauty in myself. That was just it. Overall you can't change the way you look. No matter how much surgery you have - you will still resemble yourself. You cannot look like an exact replica of anyone but yourself.
But at the end of the day, there's a reason why two people can never look alike- not even twins. So no matter how much I dreamed I looked like someone else - it just was not happening. I had to swallow and keep down the fact that this my face and it was here until God calls me home.

2. My boobs
My boobs are very small in my opinion and its very annoying because I've always considered myself to have bigger cups - that's just the image I've always had of myself. But I wasn't blessed with a bigger bust and the majority of my friends have bigger sizes than me. There's legit nothing there for me lol. Its something that I'm slowly, veeeery, veeeery slowly accepting. It's hard because I honestly thought my chest would explode by 16 - my cups have not changed since I was like 8. And I guess that's alright. Obviously I'm relating this to myself; there's gorgeous, beautiful women with small cup sizes (they're even making me become more open to my own) this is relating to my own unrealistic image of myself which I need to begin to erase.

3. Wearing glasses
OMG! Guys I hated wearing glasses, now with all the dark circles I have - I couldn't be more appreciative of them. I hated the way they looked on me. I even did exercises such as the William Bates method in the hopes that my myopia could just disappear one day. This is an insecurity I've gotten over. I would definitely consider doing LASIK/LASEK eye surgery as I hate when I lose my glasses - I have honestly cried out of pure frustration that everything was blurry. But if I was to get 20/20 vision again, I would definitely get non-prescripted frames because I love glasses on me now.

My Insecurities Now:

1. My height
I find my height as a favourite and an insecurity. An insecurity because I honestly am the shortest amongst my girlfriends. The only time I can be a couple of millimetres above them is when I wore heels at prom. I find being short 'cute' but it's a pain sometimes when having to reach for things and also just being amongst people who are average height (not too tall or short) or tall. This became an insecurity when it was heavily pointed out by 90% of people that I came across. It wasn't an insecurity before because it wasn't as noticeable when I was younger. Now that everyone was having a growth spurt and surpassing me - all of a sudden it was: "OMG JESSICA YOU'RE LIKE SOOO SHORT!"
Deep down I love my height for the most part but it is something I am weary of and is made obvious when around people my age.

2. My teeth
I never had braces. The dentist I visited to see if I could get them under NHS stated that my teeth where not in that bad of a condition to get braces under NHS. Which in other words, I had to pay £600+ to get braces/get them done as opposed to getting them for free like many people my age - simply because my teeth were 'not that bad'...
My teeth are not straight/aligned. I've never had fillings or anything like that. They're OK but I hate them. If someone was to take a picture of me at the wrong angle, my teeth will ruin the photo. That's why I can't candidly laugh in pictures or basically smile with teeth in them. 
It is my biggest insecurity - I do plan to pay what I'm assuming will be a leg and an arm for them to be aligned, straightened and 'perfect'. It's just frustrating that I didn't get them but yh, it is what it is.

3. My weight
I've always been slim framed. Some of my friends have complimented my body type which I'm appreciative of but my weight is something I do want to alter because it's not where I want it to be. I want to obviously make sure that my body is healthy but I would want my legs to be more toned and my hips to be a bit wider. I would want to go to the gym. I don't see myself getting surgery or altering anything surgically because I don't see myself going through all that.
I feel comfortable in my body now - I just want to 'tweak' it/better it by going to the gym and just working out and getting it into better shape to how I want it to be. That's all.

And that's it guys. Obviously, some of these I will out grow and I will find new things I may not like about my physically appearance or even some characteristic flaws but that's a-okay.
If anything, I'm understanding that to feed the mind and spirit is just as vital as investing time into your looks. Of course it's great to slay and to steal the show but that's all without purpose if you don't cater to your mentality and spirit. Until the next post guys x
"All that glitters is not gold" - Proverb

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Want A Job? The Chance To Go To An Elite University? Need Experience? Volunteer.

Hey guys! It feels like it's been so long since I've last sat down and written. A-levels ... is a-levels innit? There's no other words than to say it's like going on a roller coaster which is about to pick up speed anytime from now & at this point in time, I just want to get off!
But I probably will talk about my A-levels at some other point in the future because this post is all to do with volunteering.

I haven't really been involved in charity (Yes, I donate clothes and various things I no longer use but giving a large sum of money, visiting hospitals - I haven't done charity to that extent before).
But something dawned on me recently - I've done VOLUNTEERING πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

This summer didn't turn out the way I expected but I did gain volunteering experience which is CRUCIAL. When I used to do work experience for a law firm/business back in Year 10 - the lady who had been my supervisor had said the way she got her job and did what she loved was through building her CV. And the best way to build it is through volunteering😏
Again, when doing an interview with my principal for sixth form, he recommended volunteering, especially if I wanted to pursue medicine as that's what I mentioned I wanted to do as an idea (because I really don't know what to do with myself right now).

So with volunteering, you can pretty much do it anywhere - I chose my local charity shop which was like 5 minutes away if I was staying with my grandparents. And I had to sign some forms, my grandma did also because she was the adult that had to confirm I could work because I was underaged - after that the rest was history!

I did volunteering for 2 months and honestly it was great. To get up at 11am was a draaaaag but I was okay. I didn't exactly tell anyone because... I didn't feel the need to 😏 Only my family knew about it to be honest and like 2 friends - that was it. Volunteering for the summer may not be as exciting as going on holiday, going out with friends or *insert anything exciting to do for summer* but the I'm reaping the benefits from it now. I recommend that if you're still young, looking for a job, need to build your CV and don't know what to do - v.o.l.u.n.t.e.e.r❗❗
It's pretty much up to you - I did mine in a charity shop. And although I didn't know the value of giving up my time (because I had so much of it then), the people I work with constantly told me that I was doing something that was vital. So even though I'm not giving hundreds of pounds to a charity of my choice which is something I want to do in the future, at least I'm doing SOMETHING - you feel me, y'all feel meπŸ˜‚πŸ’–

The benefits:
-I got my first job. Volunteering is basically how I got it. After 4 months of searching, rejections, disappointments, fall-throughs and just genuine frustration - I got a well paid job, I'm working for a global brand and I actually like what I do. I don't think I even would have got if I didn't volunteer as I used my volunteering experience as retail experience.
-More universities, employers and apprentices value people who volunteer. To volunteer says a lot about your character and your skills. If you volunteer in a few charity shop compared to someone who didn't - that's you on a higher step already. Consider it.
-Ideas on your future. I'm still yet to volunteer in a hospital, office and other various places. But I have an insight into the legal sector and of course retail.
-You discover things. If someone had ask me before would I have gone in a a charity shop to purchase anything - I would have said 'Nope' because I would prefer to just buy whatever it was brand new. And I still stand by that when it comes to clothes, shoes and jewellery due to hygiene (just a personal preference, I ain't knocking anyone who chooses to purchase any of those items from a charity shop) but guys when it comes to books - I'm deffo going to have a field day when it comes to purchasing books. Books that are current such as 'Gone Girl' was in the charity shop I worked in and was being sold at a price of 50p-£2. BARGAIN!!
-You meet people. Even though I didn't meet anyone of my age, it was nice talking to people a bit older about deep, intellectual things as opposed to the daily 'Guuuuuurll you won't believe what he told me'.

So yasss! That's it for me. I didn't want this post to be too long but you get the general gist of what I'm saying. Please consider it, it will make an impact (I'm proofπŸ’) but thank you so much for reading.
If you would like to get involved you can click on the link HERE! I love and appreciate all of you that support me with this, until next time πŸ’—πŸ’—
"What you give, you shall receive" - CECE Winans

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#FOMO – The Reason Why I Deleted My Snapchat This Summer.

Hey guys. I wanted to talk about an issue which has been an issue since, I guess the beginning of year 10 (in year 10 you're 14-15). I’ve never really had this issue previously but it became set in stone once the issue was a re-occurring thing to the point where I searched on it and the issue actually had a name – FOMO.

So what is FOMO? 

Some of you may know this term, some of you might not know this term but there's a strong possibility that you're probably going through it.
FOMO is basically short for ‘fear of missing out’. That’s pretty much self-explanatory but to develop my point further, I personally feel that FOMO is a long-extended family member of anxiety. At least I believe it is the consequence of it. Now at the beginning of year 10, I would not say I had anxiety.

Not at all.

The beginning of year 11, yes! I had really bad anxiety up until December I would say. So for roughly 4 months I had really bad anxiety. However that’s a different story.
But coming back to FOMO, this got worse throughout my year 11 experience, especially when starting exam season. I deffo had it at the beginning of year 10, but it wasn’t as strong, repetitive or ‘deep’. Plus I didn’t have Snapchat in year 10.

I did in year 11.

I created the app in February this year because my prom was coming up and I wanted to see the snapchat stories and I also wanted to upload moments from my birthday which was in March (All this occurred this current year).
Overall I just wanted to share my birthday and experience prom from different people's perspectives however this eventually led to feeling obligated to snap things to PROVE I had a social life.
Not knowing that I would end up feeling hurt or offended when I saw friends who I considered close to me, do things without me.
Not knowing I would become quite petty, jealous and bitter. And best believe that is not who I am.

What fun is an app that is causing you to think, dream or imagine certain scenarios in your head (partying, going out, "turning up") that is anything but your life?

In other words, Snapchat messed up my mentality.

I was someone who had taken 2 steps forward, only to jump 5 steps back. Imagine having to watch people enjoy themselves without you. But you on the other end is doing nothing.

It feels as if you're behind. As if you're missing out on life. As if you're not part of this big trend and you're just isolated. As if you're not good enough because you're not travelling and being successful like every blogger/YouTuber you see.
I am a sensitive person. So often to protect myself from feeling unbreakable, I give off a careless facade. And sometimes I don't care or feel anything when watching others go out and have fun. But sometimes I do care and that's the kind of thing that will make me over-think.

I began to feel distant and just pissed off.

It was annoying because I felt like most people were just not being 100% with me.
Of course that might not be the case, but that’s just how I felt. I couldn’t help it. I recently had a chat with one of my closest friends about this (if she’s reading- shout out to you girl!) And we were basically talking about the issue and I poured out most of how I felt because I hate feeling confused and out of control – like it will frustrate me to the point that's all I can talk or think about.
Now if I didn’t have Snapchat, 9/10 I wouldn’t be as affected as I am. Simply because I wouldn’t have to see that. What you don’t know, cannot hurt you. But I do have Snapchat which means I am able to watch everyone else have a great time whilst I am currently at home – watching them have a great time.

Now it’s time for Jessy to become all realistic.

I know Snapchat is legit a collection of mini clips that the person looks amazing in, they’re looking all happy and just enjoying themselves. I am wise enough to know that doesn’t represent the whole picture, it doesn’t represent the person. (The history student side of me is coming out now.) Overall, to put it simply – Snapchat is a bit joke.
It’s funny because it reveals a lot of truths. Snapchat is a platform that a person can cleverly carve and design an image of themselves for you to see. I have definitely gone through that stage.
From the party addict, to the shopper, to the ‘I’ve got loads of friends’ to the ‘I be getting money’. But what I’ve had to actually deep is that Snapchat is not all black and white. People are just showing that they have a life and what they do. That’s it.

They’re not going to show me the negatives. They’re not going to show me their boring day to day routine. They’re not going to show me the whole thing. They’re going to show me things to make me believe that they’re lives are ‘lit’ or exciting. When God knows: they could just be lounging at home in sweats watching flipping ‘Location, location, location’.
I knew it was time to delete when I was letting little things get to me. Since when did I get all salty because someone didn’t reply to my message (although that is muggy behaviour – don’t do it!)? I have never felt before having the app that I was obligated to prove that I had a life. Now all of a sudden – I couldn’t go somewhere fun without trying to catch a Snapchat. I couldn’t just LIVE in the moment. All of a sudden I’m with a group of friends – let me snap it!
Nah – that’s just not letting things take it's natural course if I feel like I have to do it to prove something.
Please do not get me wrong, Snapchat is a great app. To record snippets of your life as stories that can be watched later on, that’s great; plus the filters are just 100%. In the future, I may get it back for the long haul.

But when does getting offended, hurt, rejected or upset when witnessing somebody’s actions on Snapchat become normal?

To anyone going through this, understand that it’s not always what it looks like. From watching my prom snaps, one can believe it was honestly the best day ever. But there was a lot of things not documented. A video/image can be twisted to suit somebody’s ideal image for their own perspective/satisfaction or even insecurity. Please don’t be fooled. Understand that not everyone is what they ‘post to be’! I could write an essay on this topic because it has given me a serious 'wake the hell up' call.
Grow your mind organically by indulging in real life. As fun as Snapchat can be, it's not your life and that's where I went wrong. Of course the person could have had a great time but always remember – there’s more to the story… No pun intended *wink wink*
Until next time my lovelies xx
"Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war" - Lord of The Rings (I think Return of the King somewhere).

Simply, Jessy Tee

Why I Will Not Study For My A-levels The Same Way I Did For My GCSEs

Hey pretties, I wanted to throw it back a lil’ to a stressful moment in my life which is called: GCSEs. However, with the upcoming war (A-levels) approaching, I will not be using the same battle techniques. 😜

To put it plain and simply, I took my GCSEs VERY seriously. But it got to a point where I had to ask myself “When is too much, tooooo much?” Now going back to year 10, my GCSE experience was calm (the same cannot be said for my year group but that shall all be explained in good timing - but I was okay). I didn’t have a breakdown every two weeks, I was still able to do the things that I wanted to do without feeling like I’ve wasted a lot of time. I did work experience which was a funny plus great experience.

But ya girl was only doing 3 exams that year and was to only gain one GCSE.

The following year (this year) I was to complete 19 exams which will therefore complete the remaining 8 GCSEs I had left…

To say the least, it was difficult. I started from September thinking that if I start as early as possible then it will be perfectly fine. Hell to the naw it was not!! From January onwards, I kid you not, I was doing 4+ hours a night.

Within those four or more hours, I would be writing notes, re-typing them, going over endless sites that could help me with it. I did everything and anything but my mind was telling me that it wasn’t enough. I could not just open one site, I had to open another 5 more.
Imagine coming home from 6 hours of school. Spending 1 hour of free time which would likely go to chores and eating something so I don’t collapse; then going upstairs to revise for the remainder of the evening.
I couldn’t even remember the last time I went to bed at 9 o’clock. The new time was 12am. This period was hard for me because looking back, I felt like I over-exerted myself because I didn’t want to fail, I didn’t want to do ‘okay’. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it properly.

Social outcome:

To put it simply, I outgrew a lot of things. All of a sudden, standing outside of school for an hour was not ideal. Going out on the weekends wasn’t that appealing? Forcing meaningless friendships for the sake of friendships or people liking me was just tedious and not worth it.

All of sudden that changed because I had a goal that could actually shape my future for the better. So of course I over-exerted myself as much as I could because I didn’t want that to be taken away from me. I was hurt when people stopped talking to me, I would be thinking ‘what’s wrong with me’, and I was often called negative or moody by those around me because I was just so tired and not in the mood. Sometimes I felt really alone but I’m grateful as I had a some amazing friends who helped me through these times and they know who they are.

But as time grew – I had to kick that mentality away. Of course it didn’t just disappear. But I just stopped caring about other people’s opinion/perception of me was. They aren’t the ones writing my exams.

I know myself better than anyone. Of course I’m still growing up and finding my route and pathway, but I’ve always been real to me. If that makes others uncomfortable because I don’t want to filter how I feel for the sake of their own feeling,s without them considering mine – so be it.

Next step?

But back to my main point – studying the way I did caused me to lose weight, often have crying episodes, fits of pure anger/resentment (which some were ridiculously funny because of how petty I was being and others just awful).
Overall it really impacted the way I think now. I always say this: GCSEs are not the same as they was 10 years ago – they possess a lot of similar traits to A-levels which is just a nightmare. Especially with the new reforms we had this year, I didn’t have a balance and that’s what caused me to stop and rethink for what I am yet to do in the future.

You can study 4-5 hours straight, but whether the outcome is effective or not depends on the how you use your time effectively. I will be re-evaluating more effective methods to study for my A-levels without feeling like I have to spend every ounce of my time on them because now I have a job, two hobbies and a lot more. My time IS more valuable than it was doing my GCSEs and I just need to organise it better without pouring it ALL into A-levels because it didn't help me PERSONALLY all the time.

My main point is... to all my girls and guys starting a-levels – put yourself first along with your grades. Make time for both. Not one or the other. Because not having a balance will cause more pressure and stress in the long run – which is why I’ll be studying for my a-levels a lot differently.
Thanks for reading, until next timeπŸ’–πŸ’–
"In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you" - Andrea Dykstra 
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Simply, Jessy Tee