How To Slay 2017: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally And Spiritually! | Collaboration With TheeOriginalJay

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HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! It's almost crazy to think it's 2017. Feels like 2013 wasn't so long ago. But I hope all is well and you stay committed to your new year resolutions. I would love to know how you guys entered the new year! But today I'm gonna be writing about how to SLLLLLAAAAAYYYYY 2017. YASS girl - how to snatch the edges off of it!! I'm gonna be writing how you can mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically slay this year. 2017 is going to be the year girls! Now let's get in formation. But before starting...
This is actually a collaboration with the amazing 'theoriginaljay'! She's has a blog called: Journeyspeaks. She will be doing a blog post on, "How to be happy this 2017". Thanks for reaching out to me girl, this collaboration was a great idea x


We all need to look like a princess/queen for this year, so here's some beauty tips to get you all glo'ed up!
1. Drink water. (As a challenge, try and drink 1 bottle of water everyday) 
Water can improve the overall look of your skin, wash out all those toxins, get your hair looking nice. Sometimes I can't see the benefits of water but just know it's healthy and it's doing you wonders. Just like prayer.

2. Pamper yo' self! 
This is definitely part of my New Years resolution. I want to start treating myself to a manicure done by someone else for a change. Not every month cause ain't nobody got that kind of money but just once in a while. I also want to start getting my hair done more often in more various styles. Just want to treat myself overall.

3. Exercise or sports. 
Personally, I can't do any sports because it's my last year of secondary school and ya, it's a bit late to start wanting to shoot hoops or anything but hopefully exercising could be something to do. Personally, I actually like exercising when thinking about it (MAD FACT) but I just don't do it because it's a consistency kind of thing and at the moment revising for GCSES doesn't let that happen. But I finish this year so fingers cross.

4. Put more effort in appearances. 
This one I already feel some kind of way about because if nobody is seeing me besides my family, then I have the option to not look all glowed up. But either way, it just boosts your mood when you look nice.


1. Comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing ourselves to others can honestly kill vibes, whether we feel it or not. To constantly critique and analyse ourselves to other people is a dangerous habit that will only make us feel like crap. So just don't do it. The minute you feel you're doing something along the lines of comparison, just find something else to do. Watch another episode of a series you're into, read or just do something active/creative.

2. Take a break from social media. 
This honestly will help you get your mentality cleansed. I feel a break needs to happen on a daily in order for us to experience things for what it really is. Social media just blurs what's relevant and what's not. Remember to "cleanse" more this year. You WILL feel mentally better. 

3. Talk to someone. 
When we go through things, especially things that can cause us to feel mentally somehow, we need to talk to someone. Worrying constantly is not normal. Feeling like you don't want to get up in the morning constantly is also not normal. Confide in someone about how you feel. If you honestly have no one- well hello, hey, hi! My name is Jessy and I'm someone you can talk to. Don't feel afraid to email me or send me a message. It's time to start helping each other, that's how we get better.

4. Change of perspective. 
This one is different for everyone. Everybody has a different perspective but I feel if you're in a bad place mentally, you desperately need a change of perspective. My change is to not take everything so seriously. There's some things that require seriousness but there's some things that simply don't so therefore a change of perspective is needed in my case. 


1. Let go of things that don't benefit you anymore. Friends, boys, worry, etc. Let it go. By letting go, you just have to let time do its thing whilst developing a change of attitude. Your emotions are important but they should not control the way you live your life. It will leave you hurt and unfocused. Let go girl. 

2. Understand what's going on with you emotionally. You could be just stressing , you could just be having a bad day. However you could have anxiety or some form of disorder. Whatever it is, you most understand what's happening up in your head in order to move on. Use 2017 to understand what's happening on up there. Once you do, figure out what you have to do to get yourself in a better state.

3. Know your worth and add tax onto it. 

4. Understand that bad times will occur. 
If you believe that 2017 is going to be some walk in the park, then I plead that you be a little more realistic. You will have bad times, maybe horrible times (God forbid) but to live a life where everything is great all the time is a complete lie/illusion. Lol, that's Instagram mate. You live in the real life. So remember real things will happen. But you're strong and simply capable of achieving wonders.


Whilst I know not everyone may be spiritual, I still think it's important for me to explain to you some things that I do/I yet to do this year which I know is going to better me spiritually and can better you in whatever personal troubles you may endure.

1. Think. Write. & Pray.
I worry a lot. And I hate it. It's a terrible habit which I realised I developed towards the end of summer. But this year I'm getting rid of it. I didn't suffer from this before and I don't plan to for very long. To be honest, I just want to start writing when I get worried. Not on my blog but on a piece of paper. Write everything that I'm feeling. After I just want to pray on it. Properly. By the time I make this a habit every time I begin to worry, I'm sure it will disperse. I know it will.

2. Study biblical that help with my life personally. 
My previous resolution for 2016 was to read the bible. I don't think I did once. The bible is a complex text that honestly confused me and made me question a lot. But I'm going to start again because there's a lot of stories of realised that can aid with my own personal growth. I just want to read it more, understand it and grow as I read.

3. Go to a youth church. 
This is what I started last year and I hope to go more this year. I'm trying to not be so phased in terms of the whole making friends side of it because that's not what I'm there to do but hopefully this year, I can develop more relations. If not , then I'm good with that. *Nicki Minaj's voice*

4.Walking in faith
There's nothing more powerful than faith. Faith that things will work out. Faith that what will be for you will always be for you. Faith that 2017 will be a "slayful" year.

Thank you so much for reading. This is an amazing collaboration with the beautiful original Jay and I hope we can do more collabs in the future. Remember to do whatever makes you happy this 2017. Make sure to grow and glo in everything you do and have faith, even the worst times because guess what boo, everything happens for a reason! Peace and love my queens✨

"I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it!" Beyonce

Simply, Jessy Tee